Sometimes turning those ideas in your head into words on a page can be the hardest thing in the world. You know what you want to say. You know how you want your readers to feel. But, actually, turning those ideas into something real can be difficult. Frustrating. Time consuming even.

That’s where I can help. You see, I’m into words. Obsessed by them in fact. I like to help people turn those thoughts in their heads into words on a page. Or screen, obviously.

So if you’re looking for some help writing a new website, an article or blog, a book – pretty much anything word-related, to be honest – then give me a shout using the contact box below.



Find out about my new book, Keeping Up, which is about the career of ex-Hampshire wicketkeeper, Michael Bates.


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From the Square Mile to the Lord’s press box, my writing career has been an unconventional journey, but fun all the same.


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