Here's a sample of my work, for a variety of subject matters and channels:


You don't need bonds - until you need them - for Magus Private Wealth, why you need to maintain a diversified portfolio including reliable - potentially unspectacular - bonds, for long-term success. Includes an analogy using snooker legends Steve Davis and Jimmy White - I'll let you work out how that one pans out...!

Brexit Omnishambles and my portfolio - Theresa May’s Chequers Plan is threatening to tear her Conservative party down the middle. Boris Johnson is waiting in the wings, dressed up and ready to enter stage left as one of the ugly sisters. Politics is a pantomime right now. Oh no it isn’t? Oh yes it most certainly is.

Clinging to cash – I used BlackRock Investor Scope survey results to produce this, on how UK investors are more likely to keep their wealth in cash, rather than investing in stocks and shares (axawealth.co.uk)

2015 in review - 12 events that shaped global markets - working with the investment team at Architas, we reviewed all the major events that had impacted global financial markets in 2015.

Michael Carberry working with England batting coach Graham Gooch – exclusive news story I broke in the Guardian newspaper (the Guardian)

Red Ninja's smart tech clears road for ambulance crews - spoke to founder Lee Omar on how his AI technology was helping cities manage traffic so that ambulances could get to patients quicker.

HiETA: lightweight heat recovery technology through 3D printing - interviewed HiETA founder Ben Farmer to produce this piece on his government-funded automotive manufacturing company.


A day in the life of a fund manager – an interview I conducted with  Architas investment manager, Solomon Nevins (axawealth.co.uk)

The dichotomy of a glove man – an exclusive interview with then Hampshire wicket keeper, Michael Bates (All Out Cricket)

Cardigan Connor – Malcolm Marshall’s perfect foil – a lovely long form piece I produced on a Hampshire cricket legend, Cardigan Connor (All Out Cricket)


Capacity for loss framework – written for B2B clients on a key risk profiling theme that's often discussed - and often misunderstood.


Showcase fund features brochure – fund commentaries based on research conducted by the Architas Investment Team.


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Distribution fund Sales Aid – I wrote and designed this fund leaflet, which was sent out to targeted B2B clients.


Holders Hampshire make winning start – a t20 cricket match report I wrote from the Ageas Bowl press box (ESPN Cricinfo)


- Reaction to Brexit - with AXA Wealth head of Investing, Adrian Lowcock (I presented and scripted the content)


Rebranding AXA Wealth following sale to Standard Life I led the literature rebrand work stream, and assisted some of the other areas referenced in this video.


Arranged and scripted these interviews with Architas fund managers, which were produced for investors to detail why certain funds had been added/removed from fund ranges. Also led a subsequent marketing campaign which promoted this content, including social media.